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入住 & 退房



Taiwan Night Market

Located in central Taipei, Tonghua Street Night Market is one of the busiest street markets in Taipei. The market featuers not only local foods but dozens of exotic delicacies, including inexpensive  Malaysian, Japanese and Taiwanese snacks. Having more than 100 vendors, Tonghua Street Night Market offers all kinds of products besides food such as clothes, shoes, accessories and other knickknacks.

Tonghua Street Night Market Most reviews say that the coolest thing about Tonghua Night Market is that it is a very “local” market, which happens to be located only one MRT stop from the glamorous and highly commercialized Taipei 101 shopping district.

台北 101

台北 101 曾被稱為世界上最高的建築,台北 101 是一個相對較新的建築,相對於世界龐大的摩天大樓場景,具有後現代主義的外觀和感覺。 該建築的建造方式融合了亞洲經典設計的精華和現代西方的影響。 這座建築擁有 101 層以上的樓層,設有辦公室、餐廳、商務中心、天文台等。

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